First-Time Buyer Mortgage Referral Scheme

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How to earn a £100 in Cash

We are excited to announce the launch of our 1st-Time Buyer Referral Scheme, a new initiative designed to make the dream of homeownership more accessible for first-time buyers and to reward those who help make these dreams a reality.

Purpose of the Scheme

Our goal is to simplify the journey towards homeownership for first-time buyers and to build a supportive community through trusted referrals. We believe in the power of personal recommendations and want to acknowledge the role you play in guiding first-time buyers to reliable, independent mortgage advice. You can refer your son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin, friend or colleague, secure in the knowledge that they will receive the best mortgage advice from an experienced and trusted professional.

Join Us in This Exciting Venture

This scheme is more than just a referral program; it’s a community effort to help more people experience the joy and security of owning their first home. By participating, you’re not only earning a reward but also playing a crucial role in someone’s life-changing journey to homeownership.
We look forward to your enthusiastic participation and to making a positive impact together in the lives of first-time homebuyers. Submit your referral by completing the form below.

Scheme Duration and How to Refer

Launch Date: The scheme will launch on Friday, 22nd December 2023.
End Date: This initial phase will run until 31st March 2024.
Making a Referral: Referrals can be made via our website. The referral page will be available just prior to the launch date.

Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: The scheme is open to all UK residents aged 18 and over.
Referral Reward: For every first-time buyer (single or couple) you refer, you earn £100. This reward is payable 30 days after the successful completion of their mortgage. We will contact you at this point for your bank details.
Genuine First-Time Buyers: The referred individuals must be genuine first-time buyers, meaning they have not previously owned a property.
One Referral Per Buyer: In cases of multiple referrals for the same buyer, only the earliest referral (based on time and date) will be considered valid.
Timely Process: Referrals cannot be made retrospectively. (i.e. After an appointment has been made). The referred first-time buyers must make an appointment with us within 30 days of the referral and complete their mortgage within 180 days of the referral.
Unlimited Referrals: You can refer as many people as you like; in fact, we positively encourage it. However, you must have received each referee’s permission before submitting their details.




First-Time Buyer Mortgage Referral Form

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