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About Us


Custom Mortgage Matching

We search the market to find you the perfect mortgage deal. Lenders and their reasons for accepting you vary hugely. Because we know all their criteria and strange rules, we can match the right mortgage to you and your specific circumstances.


Friendly Experienced Advisers

We have been in business since 1997, which means that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Some of the intuitive tips and tricks we use every day, probably wouldn’t even dawn on newly-qualified or less experienced mortgage advisers.

Tailored Mortgage Protection

Paying their mortgage off and protecting the interests of their loved ones are priorities for most people. Banks and building societies will offer you their one-size-fits-all mortgage protection policy. This approach is rarely in your best interests. We can offer you a comprehensive choice from the entire market, making sure you have exactly what’s right for you.

Impartial Mortgage Advice

Our advice focuses on what’s best for you and only you. We don’t recommend anything based on the lenders’ interests, or our interests. You are what we are all about.


Out-of-Hours Contact

Unlike our competitors, we will happily take your calls late at night and respond to your Facebook messages too. We will give you a special mobile number, so don’t lose sleep, just call us.


Real Customer Service

Do you remember when the customer was king? Well with us you always have been and always will be. Nothing has changed, you are the most important part of everything we do. Compare this to dealing direct with a bank or building society; having banked with them for 20 years counts for nothing today. They are faceless, anonymous and impersonal. Even worse, you will often have to deal with call centre staff reading from scripts rather than real people.


Flexible Appointment Times

If you need an urgent appointment so that you can make an offer on a property you’ve fallen in love with, we can help. We can often speak with you on the spot and are also happy to extend our working day for you when needed. We work six days a week from as early as 7:30am to as late as 8pm. In special cases, we even work Sundays.

Rapid Progress Updates

We know many lenders, solicitors and estate agents very well. This means we can often get updates much faster than a bank employee can. So just call us and we’ll get you the answers you need.

Exceptional Solicitor Referrals

Solicitors’ quotes can be very misleading. They often conveniently forget to include all the hidden costs or hide them in the small print. When you get your bill it can be for a lot more than you were originally quoted. We only recommend solicitors who don’t do this and are also efficient and easy to work with. This can significantly speed up your purchase.